May 13, 2016

CTC participates in the final TROPOS project meeting as Stakeholder

The final TROPOS meeting took place in Gran Canaria (Spain) at the premises of PLOCAN on 15th and 16th January 2015. The first day was dedicated to the internal review of the project, while the second day was devoted to the Stakeholders meeting, and was attended by more than 70 European and international researchers, industries and policy makers interested in the future development of multi-use offshore platforms. The Stakeholders meeting was opened by Mr. Octavio Llinás, General Manager of PLOCAN, and Mr. José Regidor, Rector of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. They welcomed the participants and speakers... Read More

Advanced coatings developed within the ACORN project are being tested in CTC facilities

A new phase of the ACORN project (Advanced Coatings for Offshore Renewable Energy), funded by the European Union under the Seventh Framework Programme, has started. The main objective of the project is the development of a family of advanced coatings to solve the problems of marine corrosion, biofouling (growth of marine organisms on materials when they are submerged in the sea) and erosion due to cavitation (hydrodynamic effect that can occur for example in marine propellers and turbines). The anti-corrosion coating developed in this project will contribute to significant cost savings as it is estimated that the corrosion problem worldwide... Read More

CTC in Bilbao Marine Energy Week (BMEW)

The most important congress on Marine Energy in southern Europe was held from 20 to 24 April 2015 in Bilbao. This event, organized by the alliance of the Basque Energy Board (EVE), Tecnalia Corporation and Bilbao Exhibition Centre (BEC ), sponsored by IBERDROLA, has gathered key players, companies, researchers and leader organizations involved in the development of marine energy sources. The week began with the opening of the international congress Bilbao Marine Energy Week and the fair of energy, marine sectors and fisheries sectors: SINAVAL, where several meetings by sector were held, as well as workshops on European projects related... Read More

CTC research a potential application of graphene as CO2 capture system

Marina González Barriuso, researcher in Advanced Materials and Nanomaterials at CTC, is starting her PhD thesis titled “Graphene amino-functionalization, characterization and its applications as a capture system of CO2” under the supervision of Professor Carmen Blanco Delgado (University of Cantabria) and Dr. Ángel Yedra (Head of Advanced Materials and Nanomaterials at CTC). The aim of this thesis is to synthesize a graphene derivate material that can capture carbon dioxide in a reversible and selective way, so that CO2 can be stored in it and released in the right place and moment for its conversion in other useful chemical products. Likewise,... Read More

Celebration of the First ACORN Project Workshop in Santander

The first ACORN project workshop will be held on 14th October in Santander. The event has been organized by the project consortium in collaboration with the University of Cantabria. During the event, the main results achieved in the ACORN project will be presented by the consortium members. Additionally, invited speakers from UC and IK4-Tekniker will participate in the conference providing their experience in the field of marine corrosion and biofouling. After these presentations, a working session for debate will be opened, where all attendees can participate. Finally, 2 technical visits have been scheduled, one to the  Marine Corrosion Test Site... Read More

CTC participates in EWTEC2015

The week of 6 to 11 September the 11th edition of the European Wave and Tidal Energy Conference (EWTEC) was held in Nantes. EWTEC is the reference conference in marine energy at European level, providing the appropriate forum to transfer of technical knowledge, the presentation of latest developments and discussion related to the field of marine renewable energy. Álvaro Rodríguez, Head of the Marine Renewable Energy Unit at CTC, presented a paper to disseminate the work carried out by CTC in the FibreTaut project, related to taut mooring systems applied to marine renewable energies. The presentation was well received by... Read More

CTC seeks partners in ICT 2015

CTC attended to ICT2015 Innovate, Connect, Transform. The main goal in this event for CTC was to identify possible partners with common interests to the Industrial Automation and Robotics Unit. María Campo-Cossío, Head of Industrial Automation and Robotics in CTC, held several meetings with representatives from various entities with the objective of understanding their approaches and forming consortiums in order to achieve project ideas for future collaborations. The event was hold in Lisbon with more than 7000 attendants, mainly from European countries and provided an excellent opportunity to CTC for developing networking activities with institutions involved in this project area... Read More

CTC exhibits its advances about water decontamination through Graphene Oxide in a Graphene International Workshop

CTC has presented its work about graphene oxide utilisation to enhance the efficiency of processes for elimination of emerging pollutants in water. The publication took place in GraphIN International Workshop (Graphene Industry – Challenge & Opportunities): an international congress about graphene organised by the Fundación Phantoms, in Zaragoza. Representatives of the main national and international industries that work in graphene and its applications have attended to the Workshop. The researcher Marina González-Barriuso, graphene specialist, has explained how graphene oxide can help to improve the processes for elimination of new pollutants in waste waters, and to facilitate the reuse process of an... Read More

CTC and Textil Santanderina are working in obtaining a fire resistant textile

CTC and Textil Santanderina take part in an innovation project based on the optimisation of graphene production and its application in the fire resistant technical textile. The project, named GRAFENTEX, will allow to produce fire resistan textiles with a low environmental impact and high performance to Textil Santanderina, and will reinforce the european leadership of the company of Cantabria in the technical textile sector. CTC is working specifically in the innovation technology to make fire resistant textiles. To do so, graphene dispersions are prepared and later are integrated into the technical textiles. Graphene as an additive improves fire resistance in... Read More