CTC develops a tool to identify the main surface degradation problems in marine energy converters


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CTC has been the responsible for the development of the tool called “Design and Decision Tool (DDT)”, as one of the public deliverables of the European project ACORN (Advanced Coatings for Offshore Renewable eNergy) under FP7.

This tool has been thought to assist developers and manufacturers of the marine renewable energy industry (wave and tidal), although results can be applied to other sectors or industries within an offshore location.

This tool proposes solutions to solve the effects of corrosion, fouling, wear (cavitation included) and polymer degradation when they arise. For this purpose, the most extended wave and tidal energy converters and their subsystems have been identified, evaluating the most important surface degradation mechanisms that affect them. As a result, DDT provides a recommendation about how to combat the identified surface degradation mechanisms.

This tool is available in the project website. In this link both the executable tool file (“.exe” extension) and the guidelines (“.pdf” extension) can be found.