diciembre 4, 2014

Degradation and corrosion testing of materials and coating systems for offshore wind turbine substructures in north sea waters

Artículo presentado en la International Wind Engineering Conference (IWEC 2014),  donde se analizan los resultados del proyecto CoMaRe (Assessment and mitigation of marine Corrosion in metallic components in MArine Renewable Energy devices) D. FERNÁNDEZ, R. RODRÍGUEZ, A. RODRÍGUEZ y A. YEDRA ABSTRACT: Degradation due to the environment in marine devices and components is one of the main issues facing the offshore industry, and is an even greater issue in offshore wind turbines (OWT) especially in floating units which require a higher degree of autonomous operation. In this paper, an ongoing research and experimental project is presented. The project CoMaRE -Assessment and mitigation of marine... Read More

Synthesis and characterisation of reduced graphene oxide from graphite waste and HOPG

Publicado en la revista Materials Research Innovations de la editorial internacional Maney, especializada en revistas académicas en ciencia de materiales e ingeniería, humanidades, ciencias sociales y ciencias de la salud. Materials Research Innovations  VOL 19 Nº3 192 (2015) Autores: Marina González Barriuso, Angel Yedra Martínez, Pablo Mantilla Gilart, Carmen Manteca Martínez ABSTRACT: Water soluble graphene oxide nanoplatelets and reduced graphene oxide were prepared from highly oriented pyrolytic graphite (HOPG) and from graphite waste powder. This graphite waste has been used to reuse an industrial waste product and therefore, to reduce production cost of the graphene. A chemical oxidation method was... Read More

Low-cost Real-time Tightly-coupled GNSS/INS Navigation System Based on Carrier Phase Double Differences for UAV Applications

Artículo presentado en la ION-GNSS Conference 2014 Tampa (Florida), 8-12/09/2014. En el artículo se presenta el prototipo de sistema de navegación de bajo coste desarrollado en el proyecto LOGAM. El artículo fue presentado en la conferencia por Gialcula Falco de ISMB en representación del grupo de trabajo LOGAM. Gianluca Falco, Istituto Superiore Mario Boella, Italy; María Campo-Cossío Gutiérrez, Fundación Centro Tecnológico de Componentes (CTC), Spain; Ernesto López Serna, Acorde Technologies S.A., Spain; Fabio Zacchello, Aermatica SPA, Spain; Serge Bories, Commissariat àl’Énergie Atomique, France ABSTRACT: This paper shows the design and development of a truly low cost attitude determination and navigation... Read More