diciembre 18, 2015

Improved Polar Scan-Matching Using an Advanced Line Segmentation Algorithm

DOI: 10.1007/978-3-642-38622-0_4 Conference: IWINAC 2013 José Manuel Cuadra Troncoso, Israel Navarro Santosjuanes, Félix De la Paz López, Raúl Arnau Prieto ABSTRACT This work presents an enhanced polar scan-matching procedure (E-PSM) that obtains its inputs from the application of an advanced line segmentation algorithm to the laser range returns. Additionally, a set of alternative methods based on local and global optimization algorithms is introduced. Results from robot simulation tests are provided for different ranges of laser range return noise and odometry sensor error levels. The results show that the proposed E-PSM algorithm and one of the methods based on global optimization yield... Read More