marzo 14, 2016

Conductive paints development through nanotechnology

Journal title: Progress in Organic Coatings Article reference: POC3904 Autores: Ángel Yedra, Gonzalo Gutiérrez-Somavilla, Carmen Manteca-Martínez, Marina González-Barriuso, Laura Soriano ABSTRACT: The aim of this work has been to develop paints with tailored electrical properties by means incorporation of commercial multiwall carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) in a commercial polymeric base paint in low content (below 3 wt.%). It has been given a special interest in the dispersion process of nanomaterials in the base paint, using advanced high shear forces technique called three roll mills. The paint application was carried out by a commercial aerographic spray gun on metallic and glass substrates. A detailed... Read More