Anchoring Systems for Marine Renewable Energies Offshore Platforms

OCEANS 2011, (June 2011)

Rodriguez. R, Gorrochategui. I, Vidal. C, Cañizal. J, Fraguela. J.A., Díaz. V


At present no specific methodologies have been developed for the design of the anchoring systems of offshore moored platforms, individual and in farm configuration, for obtaining renewable energy. This paper presents a R&D project whose objective is to cover this lack of knowledge. The scope of the project involves several areas of scientific expertise such as Soil Mechanics, Hydrodynamics, Offshore Operations and Naval Architecture, or Mechanical and Materials Analysis advanced techniques. Therefore, a multidisciplinary team able to cover the different subjects has been formed. The tasks of each Research Group and relations between them have been defined. Finally, the first results of the project and some details of future works are presented.