Attitude determination from GPS signals

9th International Conference Computational And Mathematical Methods In Science And Engineering. Gijón, June 30, July 1-3, 2009.

 Alejandro P. Nicolás, Laureano González-Vega, Michael González Harbour, Raúl Arnau, Daniel Bolado, María Campo-Cossío, Alberto Puras


The aim of this work is to design an efficient algorithm for attitude determination using data from non-dedicated GPS receivers. So, we compare two different methods. They use L1carrier phase-double differences obtained from real GPS signals. The first one provides an instantaneous estimation of the attitude reducing the ambiguity search space. However, it is very sensitive to experimental errors. The second one exploits the redundancy of the information and thus, provides more accurate solutions. But, on the other hand, it needs a more amount of information. We also present some experimental results. They are obtained from a device consisting of four GPS single frecuency receivers where only carrier phase data are measured.

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