Degradation and corrosion testing of materials and coating systems for offshore wind turbine substructures in north sea waters

Artículo presentado en la International Wind Engineering Conference (IWEC 2014),  donde se analizan los resultados del proyecto CoMaRe (Assessment and mitigation of marine Corrosion in metallic components in MArine Renewable Energy devices)



Degradation due to the environment in marine devices and components is one of the main issues facing the offshore industry, and is an even greater issue in offshore wind turbines (OWT) especially in floating units which require a higher degree of autonomous operation. In this paper, an ongoing research and experimental project is presented. The project CoMaRE -Assessment and mitigation of marine Corrosion in metallic components in Marine Renewable Energy (MRE) devices- is focused in the assessment of the marine corrosion phenomenon on metallic and composite components in MRE devices from a practical point of view and in the evaluation of different candidates for Corrosion Protection Techniques of these components. This project is developed under the MARINET FP7 initiative providing free access to IWES Fraunhofer (IWES Fh.) test facility with an estimated duration of 2 years; therefore 4 phases have been planned to achieve the desired results.
Remarkable results of degradation are also given, for example, in the case of composite material with and without multiwall carbon nanotubes (MWCNT) dispersed into its polymeric matrix.