Certifications and Awards


ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 14001: 2004

CTC has its management system certified according to the “Quality Management System” UNE EN ISO 9001:2008 Standard and the “Environmental Management System” UNE EN-ISO 14001:2004 Standard.

This methodology allows CTC to maintain a culture of work based on efficiency and effectiveness as a basis for permanent improvement, always taking into account the maintenance of a sustainable environmental performance.

Moreover, it lays down a system to evaluate the capacity of the CTC to comply with the requirements of enterprises, the Cantabrian society and regulations that concern it.

Channels proactively listening, identifies the expectations of the business sectors, evaluating and analysing the perception of its services to suit your needs.

This management system allows you, the future with other management systems integration (security management and health labour 18001, 27001, management of RTD 166002, information security…).



The mission of Fundacion Centro Tecnologico de Componentes (CTC Foundation) is to provide value to businesses through research, technological development and innovation projects, helping to enhance their competitiveness and sustainability through innovation and technological services, becoming its excellence technological partner.

The Foundation has an Integrated Management system, effective and tailored to its needs, focused on providing our customers and employers the best services, being the meeting point between their needs and the research activities.

The CTC Foundation is committed to:

  • The continuous improvement in its processes as a mean to increase the quality of services, directing all activities and processes to that end, taking all part with creativity in the identification and characterization of ideas, goals …

  • The adaptation to the needs of customers looking for their satisfaction by meeting their requirements and expectations, identifying priorities, opportunities, problems.. keeping an open mind of communication, both internal and external, with the environment.

  • Generating value with the most efficiency and effectiveness through optimal resource management, motivating the employees by providing them with the training and resources necessary to perform their functions and involving them in the strategies of Quality, Environment, R & D and Technology Watch, by its participation in the development and implementation of these strategies.

When developing its objectives the CTC Foundation establishes the necessary mechanisms for the enforcement of legislation on environmental protection, better use of natural resources, the contribution in the development of it activity to the prevention of pollution and other requirements related to environmental aspects that the Foundation may subscribe.

The CTC Foundation takes into account in all of its activity areas, respect for the environment and therefore in the execution of their projects,  environmental objectives oriented towards sustainable development are valued.

The management of the CTC Foundation makes available to its customers, employees and stakeholders this Quality Policy and Environment. To ensure that all employees know and understand this policy, it is delivered to each one as well as shown on information panels.



The CTC was recognized in 2004, by the Interministerial Commission for Science and Technology (CICYT) as a “Centre of Innovation and Technology”, Registration No. 79. In November 2012 CTC renewed this registration, now as “Technological Centre”, allowing it to develop projects of any level of complexity with maximum guarantees.

Nowadays the research and experimental development activities are conceived as actions devoted to be integrated into new productive processes or services through the transfer of the technology resulting from the research activity.

One of the most effective ways to transfer the technology is to promote the activity of the centres of innovation and technology. In order to meet the requirements the companies, to execute research and development projects, to provide technological services, to contribute to the transfer of research results, to promote inter-firm cooperative research and, in general, to raise their technological level and competitiveness. Thus these centres constitute an effective instrument binding the research sector and the industry.


The CTC was recognized in 2004, by the Interministerial Commission for Science and Technology (CICYT), as “Research Results Transfer Office” (OTRI), Registration No.193.

The OTRI were born at the end of 1988 as a structure to encourage and facilitate R & D cooperation between researchers and companies, in both national and European activities. Years later, they were granted official status with the creation of an official register of OTRI in the Interministerial Commission for Science and Technology (CICYT).

The OTRI is an interface unit in the science-technology-industry system, whose primary mission is to boost relations between system entities.  To do so, the OTRI strives to identify the technological needs of socio-economic sectors and to encourage the transfer of technology between the public and the private sectors, thereby contributing to the implementation and marketing of the results of the R & D generated in universities and public research centres. The OTRI network currently has more than 170 offices.