CTC strengthens its international network with Britain’s Energy Coast Business Cluster (BECBC)

The CTC Technology Centre considers the recent alliance established between the Cantabria Nuclear Industry Cluster (Clúster de la Industria Nuclear de Cantabria, CINC) and Britain’s Energy Coast Business Cluster (BECBC) to be very promising. The fact that the British grouping goes beyond nuclear energy and also embraces the development of other energy sources, such as marine renewables, is an excellent opportunity for CTC to explore possible avenues for collaboration in this area.

Beatriz Sancristobal, secretary of CINC and director of Projects and Business Development of CTC, confirmed this after participating in the first collaboration meeting between both entities held recently in England. The good relations with the BECBC and the existence of a national plan for the development of renewable energies provide an exciting scenario for the only technology centre in the region. Although there have already been contacts with some companies, CTC’s relationship with British corporations is emerging and remains to be determined.

At the meeting organised by the BECBC to welcome the CINC as a new partner, the Cantabrian cluster explained the background to the creation of this business conglomerate and the capabilities of its members. Maria Vega, President of CINC, argued that this way of working together allows finding solutions to the technological challenges arising in the nuclear sector. She also stressed the importance of creating collaborative liaisons between the companies of the CINC and the BECBC to enhance their growth in the international market.

In this vein, both organisations are already working on scheduling a business meeting in which the necessary synergies to develop projects cooperatively, can emerge. The initiative is still at an early stage. In fact, a date has not yet been agreed. However, the aim is to broaden the range of participants to companies working in any energy field, not just in the nuclear sector.

The collaboration with this Cumbria-based cluster is a milestone for CINC, which will take advantage of the excellent relationship with British energy companies to decisively boost internationalisation processes.