CTC approaches the Science Industry at the Big Science Forum 2018

CTC explores new business opportunities related to the Science Industry, which brings together all the activities and organisations that design, manufacture and maintain the facilities and instruments that make it possible for scientists to carry out their work. It is a sector that plays an essential role in the advancement of knowledge, cutting-edge research and scientific excellence in fields such as energy, biology, physics and materials science.

Beatriz Sancristóbal, directora de Proyectos y Desarrollo de Negocio de CTC.

CTC, as secretary of the Nuclear Industry Cluster of Cantabria, attended the Big Science Business Forum 2018: an event promoted by nine leading scientific organisations in Europe (CERN, EMBL, ESA, ESO, ESRF, ESS, European XFEL, F4E and ILL) held in Copenhagen not so long ago. It is the first time that the world’s largest Big Science organisations have come together under one roof to discuss today’s industry and present their future investment plans.

More than 1,000 agents from 29 different countries attended this major European Congress, where CTC approached various companies that are already working with large European facilities. In this regard, the Cantabrian centre presented some of its most relevant capabilities, which are complementary to the tasks performed by some of these companies.


BSBF 2018

CTC also explored new business opportunities both for the centre itself and for the companies with which it currently collaborates. Attending events of this type, which set the environment for the continent’s leading innovative agents to showcase themselves, facilitates aspects such as getting an insight on forthcoming tenders, work programmes or the main challenges posed for the coming years.

The Big Science Forum 2018 addressed the main challenges of the market, made it possible for all the representatives of the value chain to get together and presented the investments that are expected to be made by the larger organisations of the sector in the coming years. The organisations present at the congress will invest just over 12 billion euros over the next five years. A circumstance that opens the door to new suppliers and constitutes a magnificent invitation for new companies to form part of the Big Science market.