The CTC Technology Centre and the European nuclear vanguard, together

The CTC Technology Centre learnt about the latest advances in nuclear energy during the second edition of the Nuclear Days, organised jointly with the NUGENIA Forum 2018.

The performance of the nuclear reactors and the reliability of the system, including materials and components, was one of the topics addressed during the event that generated the most interest among CTC representatives. However, Roberto Báscones Vega, a researcher in the field of Industrial Systems and Nuclear Components, and Alberto Puras, R&D&I Management Coordinator at CTC, also paid particular attention to the latest advances and trends in the design, safety and licensing of advanced fission reactors.

Puras and Báscones took part in a session dedicated to boosting research project ideas on fission technologies. This technology accounts for 30% of the electricity consumed in Europe. Some of these initiatives may be funded through the next Euratom call under H2020. In this vein, the European strategy aims at “maintaining a high level of safety of nuclear reactors and associated fuel cycles during operation and decommissioning while improving their efficiency”.

Prague has become the nuclear capital of Europe by hosting this specialised event organised by the Sustainable Nuclear Energy Technology Platform (SNETP), NUGENIA and EERA-JPNM (European Energy Research Alliance). On this occasion, the conference focused on the perspectives of nuclear industry, on transversal R&D and on the identification of new projects with the intention of reinforcing the innovation of the nuclear systems developed.

Likewise, this international event is an appropriate scenario to strengthen relations with partners in the sector and to establish the first contacts with other interesting agents for possible future collaborations.

The CTC Technology Centre also attended the annual meeting of the NUGENIA platform: an international association that brings together researchers from 104 companies and institutions and focuses its efforts on the safety and efficiency of nuclear energy. CTC’s participation in NUGENIA is exciting because it is a group that fosters the creation of consortiums that aim to carry out transnational research projects.