The aims of GRAFENTEX project are the development of graphene and graphene oxide production processes more efficient and theirs industrial scaled, and, to apply these materials in technical textiles.

The GRAFENTEX project intended to develop new industrial synthesis processes more environmentally and economically efficient, lowering energy consumption and using less raw material and with less environmental risks. The graphene that are going to be develop in GRAPHENTEX will be use to obtain a fire resistant textile from cellulosic and synthetic fibers. Moreover, its electric conductivity is intended to be improved, trying to keep its transparency.

The project is coordinated by Avanzare, a company from La Rioja that is specialized in graphene fabrication. Textil Santanderina S.A., a worldwide leader in textile production from Cantabria, and Talleres Ruiz from La Rioja, specialized in the development and production of chemical reactors, also take part in the project two research centers: CTC (Centro Tecnológico de Componentes) from Cantabria and INTERQUIMICA from La Rioja.

The project is cofunded by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (MINECO), through the Collaboration Challenges call of the State Program of Research, Development and Innovation 2013-2016. The project has a budget of 924.712,96€.