Mooring and Anchoring Systems

The technologies associated with marine energy sources are in an incipient development state and a very important evolution stage is expected during the next several years as occurred with wind energy.

One of the main aspects to consider when a Marine Renewable Energy Converter (MREC) is deployed at sea is to guarantee the survival in a very severe environment. At the same time it is important to maintain the operational and maintenance costs as low as possible during the life cycle of the MREC. CTC is specialized in the selection and design of mooring and anchoring systems specifics for MREC, always maintaining the reliability of the whole system and reducing the cost of energy per kWh produced.

Specialization lines and Technologies:

  • Hydrodynamics of floating structures.

  •  Simulations of Mooring systems for offshore structures (Orcaflex).

  • Thermal and structural simulations (ANSYS).

  • Analysis of stresses, Fracture mechanics and fatigue.

  • Life cycle analysis.

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Corelia, Gerdau, Langlee Wave Power, Vicinay Cadenas, Acciona, Grupo Apia XXI, Indico