Navigation systems

The number of applications that require knowledge of the position, velocity and attitude of a mobile system is increasing day by day. The goal of navigation systems is to estimate these parameters in the most accurate and reliable possible way. This can be accomplished by  using different technologies and sensors depending on the requirements of each application. Navigation satellite systems (GNSS, Global Navigation Satellite Systems) and MEMS inertial sensors play a vital role in the development of these systems as well as in their performance improvement.

CTC is specialized in the development of multi-antenna and multi-receiver GNSS systems for 3D attitude determination (Roll, Pitch and Yaw), and hybrid navigation systems that combine multiple sources of information by means of data fusion techniques.

Specialization and Technologies:

  • GNSS-based attitude determination

  • Characterization and modeling of MEMS inertial sensors

  • Characterizaton and modeling of GNSS raw measurements

  • Data Fusion

  • Real time software design. Implementation and analysis

  • Innovative GNSS applications (GPS, GLONASS, EGNOS, etc.)


  • ACUTRONIC SIMEX TWO 2-axis motion simulator with removable temperature chamber and 45 kg maximum payload for modeling and calibration of MEMS inertial sensors and stabilized platform testing (Hardware-in-the Loop).

Max. Acceleration: 10.000 / 200 [º/s2]
Max. Rate: 2.200 / 500 [º/s]
Temperature range: -50 / 115 [º C]