Nuclear Industry Components

The development of the technology of nuclear fission has allowed the production of electrical energy in large quantities, also avoiding the generation of gases that contribute to the greenhouse effect. Nuclear power accounts for the 38% of the total electricity produced in Europe.

CTC specializes in structural integrity analysis of last generation nuclear reactors under ASME design codes and design of components and tools for nuclear power stations according to ASME, RCC-M, Eurocode and FEM.

Analyses consist of material resistance calculations and heat transfer calculations which require engineering expertise and strict compliance with the codes.

Analyses have allowed the detailed design and the manufacturing on components for generation III and IV reactors and spare components for generation II reactors.

CTC performs the design of manipulation and test tools. The design consists of analysis, manufacturing drawings and specifications.

Specialization lines and Technologies:

  • Thermal and structural simulations (ANSYS).

  • Thermo hydraulic simulations by CFD codes (ANSYS CFX).

  • Mechanical and structural design.

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