Platforms for monitorization of ambiental variables

Ocean observation systems consist of a cluster of sensors selected to provide reliable and accurate measurements of chemical, biological or physical parameters. Observation systems usually are integrated in buoys which are left unattended in the sea for long periods of time being subjected to the harsh marine environment. The development of a fully automated ocean observing system that will provide measurements for long-length periods of time does not only require advancements in the field of sensor and material technologies, but also in  navigation/positioning, communication, and energy systems.

Specialization and Technologies:

  • Hydrodynamics of floating structures.

  • Mooring and anchoring design and simulation (Orcaflex).

  • Structural and thermal analysis (ANSYS).

  • Life cycle analysis.

  • Localization and navigation solutions.

  • Energy harvesting

Featuerd Projects


TIM: Development of an intelligent mooring system specific for a floating intelligent meteorological tower for the characterization of wind and marine environment resources  The principal... Read More


Sayme Monitorización Estructural