Polymeric nanocomposite low cost and high performance materials development

Presentación oral en XXXIII Reunión Bienal de la real Sociedad Española de Física (2011).

 C. Manteca, A. Yedra y J. González


 The aim of the project was to develop multiscale thermoset composite materials with better mechanical qualities. These materials mix traditional reinforcements (as glass fiber) with carbon nanostructures reinforcements (multiwall carbon nanotubes, carbon nanofibers, and carbon nanostructures from tire recycling).

The main challenge was to transfer carbon nanostructures qualities to the polymeric matrix. This came from a good dispersion of the nanoreinforcement in the matrix, avoiding conglomerates. To prevent this CTC used an advanced dispersion technique, Three Roll Mill. And in some cases the nanoreinforcements were chemically treated.